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Waarom deze Detox bundel:


Vijf fantastische superfood mixen om je iedere dag een stukje beter te voelen, meer energie te krijgen, beter te slapen, gewoon weer lekker in je vel zitten.

Welke mixen zitten er in deze bundel:





Soort: Organic, Superfoods, Glutenvrij, Vegan

Your Super Organic Superfood Detox Bundel nu 15% korting!

Vijf fantastische superfood mixen om je iedere dag een stukje beter te voelen, meer energie te krijgen, beter te slapen, gewoon weer lekker in je vel zitten.

Hoe ziet de 5 daagse detox eruit:

Door toegevoegde suikers, bewerkte voedingsmiddelen te elimineren en je te concentreren op voedzame, hele voedingsmiddelen en superfoods, is de 5-daagse detox een geweldige manier om gezonde eetgewoonten op te bouwen en je binnen 3-5 dagen beter te voelen!

Deze detox gaat niet over ontbering, maar over het voeden van je lichaam met de goede dingen.

Door dagelijks 2 grote superfood-smoothies te drinken en een vullende plantaardige lunch te nuttigen, kan onze detox je ondersteunen om je van binnenuit verzadigder en gezonder te voelen.

Welke mixen zitten er in deze bundel:

Je kan je 5 dagen detox plan hier downloaden: Detox_Book_EU


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Organic, Superfoods, Glutenvrij, Vegan


Al onze ingrediënten zijn 100% organic en worden na het oogsten natuurlijk gedroogd of meteen ingevroren om zoveel mogelijk vitaminen en mineralen te behouden.

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Over Your Super


Hi, I am Michael, one of the co-founders of Your Super.

Growing up as an athlete, and playing tennis at the professional level, I felt invincible!

That changed when I was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. While recovering and trying to rebuild my immune system, I learned how important it is to fuel your body with a whole food diet.

My co-founder Kristel, would share her homemade mixes of superfood powders. While taking them, I felt energized, happier and increasingly aware. The more I researched, the more shocked I became to learn of my athletic-diet’s effect on the body, and how these nutrient-rich superfoods had been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Why didn’t more people know about this? I made it my personal mission to educate and inspire people to fuel their body with the best natural whole foods. Good nutrition, and information should be available for everybody!


Hi, I’m Kristel, the other co-founder of Your Super.

I too grew up playing tennis at the professional level. Michael and I met on the court! We were young, healthy and happy until Michael’s cancer diagnosis. It reminded me of when I was 12 and the same thing had happened to my mom. Determined to stay positive, I bought all of these loose bags of maca, wheatgrass, barley grass, chia seeds, spirulina, lucuma, flax seeds, you name it! My cabinets were chaotic, as my aunt Ellen, an orthonutritionst advised me on what vitamins and minerals the body needs on a daily basis, and what it needs to heal.

I created 7 unique mixes, specific to a health benefit. My family, friends, and Michael tested the blends in their breakfast. The nutrient-dense superfood combinations were an EASY way to start the day SUPER. My allergies and eczema began to clear up. Everyone who took these mixes, began to look and feel better. Michael and I knew we needed to share these superfoods and information with the world! Nothing makes me more excited than sharing that healthy living is not that complicated (and small changes make a big difference)!



Let’s face it, the symptoms that come with PMS aren’t pleasant.

Between mood swings, fatigue, and cramps, the days leading up to your period can be difficult and exhausting. But research shows that these symptoms are actually a sign that your hormones are imbalanced. The solution? Our moon berry smoothie!

Thanks to our Moon Balance mix, this hormone-balancing smoothie recipe contains superfoods like amla berry, beetroot, and baobab which can help balance your body’s estrogen levels and reduce inflammation. The real MVP in our Moon Balance mix is the adaptogenic herb shatavari – known for its ability to fight symptoms of PMS and increase libido.

To top it all off, this berry-licious smoothie contains energizing maca, to help power you through those glued-to-the-couch days.

Balancing your hormones has never tasted this good! Happy blending!




  • 1 tsp Moon Balance mix
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries
  • 1 cup plant-based milk


  1. Place all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

SUPER TIP: Add 1 tsp of our Energy Bomb mix for an extra energy boost!


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